падтрымаць нас

We are an analytical center that works for the sake of the new Belarus. Our mission is to help society and political actors build a more open, prosperous and sustainable Belarus.

What are we doing?

We conduct research and engage in analytics

We organize educational programs for young Belarusians

We organize offline and online events to discuss the current state and future in Belarus

We promote the dissemination of high-quality and independent knowledge about Belarus among international stakeholders

What are we explore


We conduct quantitative and qualitative sociological research to find out what Belarusians think about the political situation in the country and current events, what worries them and which media and politicians they trust.

Image of Belarus and digitalization

We study political narratives in the media and social networks, as well as the image of Belarus in foreign media.


The West, East, or neutrality? CNI researchers study what the foreign policy of Belarus could look like, as well as the most stable and vulnerable areas in Belarus.


We study how the Belarusian regions feel, what problems they face, what concerns the residents of small towns and what can be done about it.

CNI team:

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